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Jeysen Santiago

MEET Professor Jeysen

Professor Jeysen is a charismatic, patient teacher and leader with an impressive pedigree… currently black belt 3 degree IBJJF, and a No-Gi Master 2 World Champion 2019.

Born in Manaus, Amazonas, Jeysen started training in Jiu Jitsu in 1999, through Aldalberto Brilhante (Pingo), a brownbelt with Raimundo Nonato Machado (leader of Academia Nova União NV).  At 18, training four to five hours a day, Jeysen knew that he would have to train harder than most people, with such a late start in BJJ.

His teacher helped him begin his competitive career by signing him up for an internship at the New Union (Academia Nova União NV), where he became a champion.  Encouraged, Jeysen trained hard for the next 3 years to obtain his blue belt.  Shortly after he graduated as a blue belt, Pingo closed the gym, motivating Jeysen to move to Academy Nova União (Marcio Pontes) José Aldo Júnior’s first teacher in Bairro da Alvorada 1.

Jeysen started training under Professor Marcio Pontes and Cosmo Dias, students of Master Raimundo Nonato Machado, leader of Nova União- Manaus Com.  Within a year and a half of Blue Belt training, Jeysen earned his Purple Belt, under the tutelage of Marcio Pontes.

When MP Academy moved to Alvorada 2, a little further away from Jeysen’s home, Jeysen would walk 50 minutes to train for 6 hours, 6 days a week.  During this time, as a Purple Belt, Jeysen obtained several local titles, like [GOLD] Amazonian Champion FJJAM, closing with his training partner, Dileno Lopes [GOLD] Osvaldo Alves FJJAM.

Seeking always to grow, Jeysen would seek to train with his idols… notables like Arlisson Melo (Kiki), Jorge Clay, Marcio Pontes, Marcos Loro Galvão and Cosmo Dias.  Inspired by these heroes of BJJ, Jeysen worked hard and earned his Brown Belt in 2005.  On this new track, Jeysen became the highlight of the BJJ in Amazonas, and won several Local titles when, through one of his Professors, Cosmo Dias, opened his eyes to compete.

Today Jeysen lives in Redlands, California. He is working with Master Park of JJ Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Yoga, as head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach for JJ Jiu Jitsu in Colton.

Favorite position half guard.  Today he is currrently competing in Black belt master 2 of the Light-Feather wins; this position as he fights for feather and light feather.


[GOLD] 2x Time World Champion CBJJE 2011-2015
[GOLD] 4x Time Brazilian National CBJJE 2010, 2011, 2012-2014
[GOLD] 3x Time Pan American CBJJE 2011, 2013, 2014
[GOLD] 2x World Champion SJJIF 2016-2022 Master 2
[GOLD] 2x Pan American IBJJF 2017-2018 Master 2 
[GOLD] 3x American National 2018, 2019, 2021
[GOLD] World Champion No-Gi 2019 Master 2 
[GOLD] 6x Long Beach Open Master 2
[GOLD] 2x Los Angeles Open 2018, 2022, 2023
[GOLD] 3 x Los Angeles pró 2016, 2018, 2019 
[GOLD] 2x San Jose Open 2017, 2019 
[GOLD] 2x Fivegrappling 2018, 2019 Master
[GOLD] 2x San Antonio Open 2018, 2019
[GOLD]2x Dallas Open 2017-2019
[GOLD] Champion Orange County 2019
[GOLD] 2x Champion Austin Winter 2019, 2020
[GOLD] 2x Salt Lake City Open 2019
[GOLD] Champion Phoenix Open 2019 
[GOLD] Champion Houston Fall 2019
[SILVER] 2x World master 2017-2020 Master 2
[BRONZE] World Master 2016-2019 Master 2
[SILVER] 2x Grand Slam Los Angeles 2017, 2018

[GOLD] 2x Santa Cruz Open IBJJF 2022

[GOLD] Los Angeles Open No-Gi 2023

2049 East Washington Street, Ste 2D, Colton, California 92324, USA